Eurocode 6: Design of Masonry Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions relating to the current version of BS EN1996

1. What is the current version of BS EN 1996-1-1?

2. What is the current version of the National Annex to BS EN 1996-1-1?

3. Were conflicting British Standards withdrawn in 2010?

4. Will the economy of masonry designs change?

5. Are modern developments such as thin layer mortars included?

6. Will there be any residual standards?

7. Does "special category" still exist for masonry units?

8. How is fire resistance dealt with?

9. Will lateral load design be affected?

10. Will I still be able to use Approved Document A ?

11. Can Eurocode 6 be used to assess existing buildings?

12. Will it still be possible to use BS8103, the code of practice for the structural design of low-rise buildings?

13. What is meant by an M12 mortar?

14. What is shell bedded masonry?

15. What is the normalised compressive strength of masonry units?

16. Why are there four groups of masonry units?

17. How is masonry classified for durability?

18. Where will I find the partial factors for materials?

19. Where can I find help with other Eurocodes?

20. What is the difference between a Normative Annex and an Informative Annex in Eurocode 6?

21. What do the designations P, M & S for mortar refer to?

22. How are ancillary components protected from corrosion?

23. How do I design collar jointed walls?

24. How do I design a deep beam?

25. Where can I find more information on laterally loaded walls?

26. How can I check the capacity of a wall tie to transfer loads between the leaves of a cavity wall?

27. Where can I find the shape factors for normalised strength?

28. Where can I find normalised strengths for UK masony units?


Questions relating to the first version of BS EN 1996-1-1 in 2005

A1. I cannot see how to use Figure G.1

A2. I do not understand Equation G.1

A3. Why is the partial factor for material included in Equation 8.1 of BS EN 1996-1-1?

A4. Is equation C.1 correct?

A5. Is the title of Annex E correct?