Eurocode 6:Design of Masonry Structures


Welcome to the Eurocode 6 web site where you will find resources to support masonry design and construction.

Eurocode 6 consists of four documents:

BS EN 1996-1-1: Rules for reinforced and unreinforced masonry 

BS EN 1996-1-2: Structural fire design

BS EN 1996-2: Selection and execution of masonry

BS EN 1996-3: Simplified calculation methods for unreinforced masonry structures

BS 5628 was withdrawn by BSI on the 31st March 2010 along with a number of other British Standards which conflict with the Eurocodes.

PD 6697 Recommendations for the design of masonry structures to BS EN 1996-1-1 and BS EN 1996-2.

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December 2023. The second generation of Eurocode 6 and the associated National Annexes will be published by BSI as soon as they are available. All second generation Eurocodes are expected to be published by 2026 and the first generation eurocodes will be withdrawn on the 31st March 2028. Until that date, the first generation documents should be considered the applicable standards for buildings and civil engineering works constructed in the UK.

April 2023. The second generation of BS EN 1996-1-2 and BS EN 1996-2 have been prepared for formal vote in March/April 2024.

January 2023. CE marking to be allowed until 30 June 2025 Link

December 2020 Overview of the development of the next version of EC6 produced by the committee Chairman Presentation 


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